through the crystal prism of ‘I am’

the bodily expressions of love, happiness, peace, take ever-changing shape through the experience of moment-to-moment perception: a fireworks of joy; a divine melting into love’s bliss; a peaceful imperturbability, and so on…the dynamic movement of each moment is ever-fresh when the body begins to reassume its natural condition. simultaneously, travelling backwards through the crystal prism of ‘I am’, we find the same source of these and all expressions, the one Consciousness that we are. it is the never-changing element of reality to our experience.

there is but one sole obscuring agent which prevents the revelation of what-it-is-we-really-want: the limiting beliefs that grow like branches on the tree of false assumption. the single root of this tree is the belief ‘I am separate’, which can be uprooted through an honest investigation of the nature of consciousness. but, even once the tree is uprooted, the collapse of the felt-limbs of ignorance takes some time, takes some burning away.

the body is conditioned to hold itself as a fragment in a hostile world, and must gently be released back into the wilds of its natural freedom. we all have our ‘triggers’ – situations, events, that persuade us to feel caged again…a rejection, a fight, a wrong look, a failure – these can all teach us how to live in openness, which is no small task. the world is a masterful display of energies that conspire to help us grow. if we love Her, she will love Us, and if we don’t, she will teach us – and that doesn’t always have to be pretty.

reality knows itself eternally and at all moments as form and formlessness. the non-dual understanding liberates us from the beliefs that restrict our freedom, and eventually resolves the body and mind back to its natural instrumentation in the celebratory symphony of universal harmony and beauty.

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