experiencing consciousness

the thought of consciousness has no essential impact on the experience of consciousness,
but it may help dispel the seeming illusion of other-than-consciousness.

an expansive feeling-state, no matter how ecstatic, always leaves the experience of consciousness completely untouched,
although it may help reveal the divine realm of embodiment, and it may collapse old residues of bodily contraction.

a beautiful sense perception is an object perceived, and cannot ultimately tell us anything about the perceiving reality,
but it can serve as a bridge to experiencing, once again, the presence of our innate beauty as free awareness.

no object can affect the experience of consciousness;
and we are always, always experiencing consciousness…

the experience of consciousness
is consciousness knowing itself in its independence,
it is pure being divested of the assumptions of separation,
it is our true nature, happiness.

that which perceives experience is consciousness;
that which perceives experience is perceiving consciousness,
because there is only consciousness…
and its constituent elements are made only of itself.

we cannot not have the experience of consciousness,
it’s just that in ignorance we sometimes believe that there is something other-than-consciousness in experience.

am I conscious?
what evidence do I have to support the belief that consciousness is limited and separate?
could it be that the consciousness that perceives my experience is not personal but universal?

these questions all point to the same experience:
that of our self knowing itself, consciousness knowing consciousness.

it is already, always, eternally the case, consciousness always only ever knows itself,
however we have to free consciousness from the superimposed beliefs in the mind
that it is limited, finite, body-bound, mind-dependent, unreal, was born, will die, etc. etc.

and all those words simply imply: separate.

the non-dual spiritual journey is to reveal to, as, and for consciousness our pure, infinite, indivisible freedom.

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