Hello and welcome.

My name is Hugh and I live in Vancouver, Canada.

I am first and foremost deeply interested in the nature of experience, reality, and consciousness. I have celebrated this interest artistically, growing up an actor and musician, but also directly, through my love of writing on non-duality.

My interest in the real nature of things has been with me, at least in part, for as long as I can remember – my mind has always loved to question and explore areas of the psyche left unattended by our culture. That inner inquiry took a life of its own when I discovered Buddhist meditation and Hatha yoga in my late teens, and it grew from there.

In my early twenties, the fierce grace of illness was to become a driving force in my investigation. It intensified my quest to understand, and it instilled within me a deep longing to find real health. That came, eventually, but in a way I never would have anticipated…

Thank you for your visit.

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