maya’s kaleidoscope

the dream of our self-made illusion
spreads out high and wide
over the mystic cover of night-thought,
to the farthest corners of the sublimated mind.

and yet upon touching the unmistakeable,
the sheath of maya is seen

as the mighty charade of a cosmic love-dance…

there is nothing but Reality with which Reality could pretend to veil itself;
– and so –
there is nothing but Reality with which Reality could attempt to find itself.

seek not your Self with your Self;
simply know your Self as all that is True.

and in the clear seeing
that you are what you seek,
the cataclysm of the spiritual search
begins to resolve itself
back to peaceful ash,
now ready to flit alongside the motion of the wind,
it’s only flightpath, the joy of the soul.

for even the deepest contraction has not the power to shift one iota in the ever-present sands of your depth. consciousness is your base, your core, your reality, your home.

underneath all concepts lies an undisturbed truth:
we share the very same Being.

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knowing and not-knowing

we can only Know what we are not; we can only Be what we are.

knowing and not-knowing are ultimately synonymous,
as the knowing of consciousness is the un-knowing of the mind.

the mind can never know its source, its maker or its destiny…
consciousness is beyond its scope.

no thought, concept, or formula can render the Truth within its grip;
and yet, all there ever is, is That.

what is unknown to the mind is known to God, as God.
what is known as the mind is known by God, in God.

there is nothing to know,
except what you are not.

the sense of what you are – the Being-sense – is all-encompassing, universal.

there’s no duality between what you are and what you are not,
as there is always only Being.

true welcoming

welcoming is not something a mind can practice,
it is a word that takes us through its doorway into harmony with life,
it is an attribute of consciousness.

in a moment of genuine welcoming
of all the elements of our experience,
the totality of that which appears to us,
we are grounding ourselves in the reality of our Being,
even if unknowingly at first.

there may be a great softening of the edges of things
when the mind realizes there is nothing to fight,
when the body realizes there is safety in this welcoming presence,
when the world ceases to seem alienating and strange.

there may be a deep relaxation which leads effortlessly towards stillness and silence.
all that’s required is to genuinely welcome this
whatever perceptions are here right now.

we can still say ‘No’
we can still think
we can still consider the past and future
we can still get involved in political issues (or whatever)

there is no bypass because in the true welcoming of consciousness
all our experiences are met as they are
without the agenda of assumptions about the way things ought to be

a moment of welcoming
is a moment of innocence

the doorway is always open

we are really this imperturbable, infinite welcoming presence
and to welcome is to remember again our natural stance
towards the life we have emanated out of our stillness

through the crystal prism of ‘I am’

the bodily expressions of love, happiness, peace, take ever-changing shape through the experience of moment-to-moment perception: a fireworks of joy; a divine melting into love’s bliss; a peaceful imperturbability, and so on…the dynamic movement of each moment is ever-fresh when the body begins to reassume its natural condition. simultaneously, travelling backwards through the crystal prism of ‘I am’, we find the same source of these and all expressions, the one Consciousness that we are. it is the never-changing element of reality to our experience.

there is but one sole obscuring agent which prevents the revelation of what-it-is-we-really-want: the limiting beliefs that grow like branches on the tree of false assumption. the single root of this tree is the belief ‘I am separate’, which can be uprooted through an honest investigation of the nature of consciousness. but, even once the tree is uprooted, the collapse of the felt-limbs of ignorance takes some time, takes some burning away.

the body is conditioned to hold itself as a fragment in a hostile world, and must gently be released back into the wilds of its natural freedom. we all have our ‘triggers’ – situations, events, that persuade us to feel caged again…a rejection, a fight, a wrong look, a failure – these can all teach us how to live in openness, which is no small task. the world is a masterful display of energies that conspire to help us grow. if we love Her, she will love Us, and if we don’t, she will teach us – and that doesn’t always have to be pretty.

reality knows itself eternally and at all moments as form and formlessness. the non-dual understanding liberates us from the beliefs that restrict our freedom, and eventually resolves the body and mind back to its natural instrumentation in the celebratory symphony of universal harmony and beauty.