It’s always been incredibly helpful for me to have someone – whether a coach, a mentor or a spiritual guide – that I could talk to as I ventured along my own journey in life.

In these meetings, we simply listen to what arises. If there’s an interest in non-duality, yoga, meditation, or the spiritual realm we can feel free to explore these themes in depth – although it is not a prerequisite. Rather, it is simply in the open field of awareness that we meet, notice what arises and see what dissolves.

There are so many layers to every person; if we are interested in the spiritual quest, by nature, we become interested in exploring all kinds of these internal elements along the way…not all of them will look very clean and pretty (by a long shot). Nevertheless, having another set of ears to listen – and someone to offer guidance if necessary – can be helpful on the path towards integration, embodiment, inner peace and true happiness.

Coaching can be offered in person (in Vancouver, BC) or over Skype.