The Body of Being

These sessions are about learning to bring our spiritual understanding into and through the instrument of the body. We will use various tools for the exploration: guided meditation, gentle postures or asanas, visualizations and imagery, and/or an open inquiry into the breath.

The habitual body – long encaged by the belief to be separate from its environment – can often feel dense, contracted, heavy; but, slowly, in our innocent and open conscious contemplation, these layers begin to make way towards a lightness of Being, a transparency, and a vibratory expansion.

It could be called a ‘yoga’ in the original sense of the word: meaning to unite infinite consciousness with the body itself. This can be felt – not through concepts: we are consciousness, and the body (and all else) is consciousness too.

Here we are not concerned with the physical attributes of a body – it is a not a yoga of strength, flexibility, co-ordination, etc. As such, the practice can be done comfortably in any position – chairs will be available for any who want to use one. If you would like to practice on the floor, you are most welcome – please bring a yoga mat in this case.

A short open dialogue (Q&A) will follow each session.